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Project Cargo Service

Project cargo all comes down to Proejct experience

We provide an optimized solution with the multiple experienced project cargo professionals with major carrier agents to meet our customer’s demands, wherever and whenever. Our project network provides you with flexibility, improved service levels, accelerated and safe delivery, reduced direct and indirect costs and much less by the project specialist with years of various experiences.

Ship your cargo with our tailored-optimized solutions for a variety of cargo of heavy-duty/scale transport and project logistics based on our project know-hows.

Not only we provide multimodal & chartered solution to ship heavy, enormous, and special commodity, but we also conduct a tremendous study for optimize time and costs for establishing effective transport. Our project logistics specialists who had several experiences to orginize shipments of a variety of industries, know what to check and prepare and let our customers feel relief from troublesome problems.

Our Services & Expert Approach

The most crucial aspect in project cargo handling and transport are to understand the characteristics of the cargo properly and contruct a solution that reflects the least risk and customer needs. In addition, it is essential to check all potential risks that may occur in each transportation process and establish countermeasures in advance to deal with emergency situations without panic. Our experts do their best to fulfill complete transportation through manualization after checking all the processes in depth one by one.

Our Service Scope:

  • 1

    Project & Bulk Service

  • 2

    RO-RO & LO-LO Service

  • 3

    Hazardous Cargo Service

  • 4

    Vehicle & Heavy Equipiment Service

  • 5

    Exibition Cargo Service

  • 6

    Live Animal Service

  • 7

    Relocation Service

  • 8

    Construction Material Service

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